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Large - 'Forest Friends Animals' Woodland (A2) 59.4cm x 42cm Print

Our woodland friends, the fox, badger and spiky hedgehog walk along the shady evergreen forest floor, through glades of forest ferns. Smelling the scent of wild mushrooms that have carpeted their way. This print captures these three animals together in one beautiful setting, perfect for any britsih animal lovers wall.

Large - 'Forest Friends Animals' Woodland (A2) 59.4cm x 42cm Print

SKU: FF662
  • Sizing

    59.4cm x 42cm print with a tiny white edge border. 

    Premium Quality Giclee Print

    This print is printed onto beautiful giclee 230gsm archival paper, the paper is of a matte quality

    Freshly Printed to order by us (the artists)

    Printed in Yorkshire, England


    Frame not included.  

    A watercolour mark of our logo has been put through the images that you see here on our website, please be reassured that the watermark is not evident on your prints, the watermark logo is purely added across our website images for copyright and protection purposes only.


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