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Questions and Answers

Why did we choose the name 'Wilson Design Collective'?

It's as simple as this:

'Wilson' we shared this name before we both married. Being identical twins we felt it was only fitting to refer to our maiden name.

'Design' felt appropriate as we both have been textile designers for over 20 years.

'Collective'  so that we can collectively produce a variety of products as our brand develops and grows.

Tell us a bit more about your print collections?

Every print is originally hand drawn and generated in our studios, we use a variety of techniques to create our artwork and the mediums we favour are collage, paint, ink and pen. In order to get the original artwork ready for a print run, we scan our designs into our computer and with the aid of the wacom pen and tablet we clean up and manipulate the artworks. This can take many hours and days to complete this process as we always want to ensure that or prints capture the integrity of the original.

What frames and mounts do you use, or recommend?

Frames are not included, although we do like to illustrate a selection of our prints in universal frames from high street and online companies. A customer looking to purchase a frame bespokly by an independent framer is a great option.

I can often see words within many of the artworks, what is this?

A lot of our artworks have calligraphy added into sections of the artwork.  The way in which we do this is often mistaken for newspaper and it's only when you look close, you will notice the words, which are all referencing fascinating facts about each species of plant or animal, which embraces the qualities of the subject matter.  This gives our artwork depth and hidden meaning. We endeavour to make you smile!

How do we create a private commission?

If it is a pet/portrait commission in our graphic style commission that you are after, this is generated on the computer.  We hand draw the subject, with a wacom pen which is equivalent to our pencil.  We use no short cuts or filters, the artwork is created by hand aided only by the wacom pen. The way in which we manipulate and draw the subject matter is all done by hand, we build the image up into flat bold layers that piece together to form the image, which in turn gives us a fabulous very eye catching, strong graphic look. Turning any memory or photograph of either a pet or loved one into a unique piece of art.

What is involved in requesting a private commission tell us about more about the process?

Some facts and information below to help give you a guide on the simple process to get commission a unique piece of art.  Please ensure you read the 'Commission Contract' detailed at the foot of the page.

Firstly click on our link and make an enquiry within the gallery's themselves (Pets or Portraits).  Send in a photograph, ideally a high resolution image, one that is not blurred. Close up's of the subject always achieves the best outcome for the final artwork, as we can capture a better likeness for you.  Tell us the size of the print you require (A4 or 12x16 inch) The size and complexity of the image determines the quote, once we see the image we can quote accurately. It is at this stage when we quote we need to know about any personalisation (names) that you would like to include.  Then a quote will be given.

If you then would like to proceed, an email is sent to you in the form of a commission contract (nothing to complex or scary) this simply covers the contract we are both entering into and simply needs to be signed by both of us before work commences.  A deposit will be taken (Approximately this is around 30% of the final sum to secure the booking).

Artwork then begins.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion (we will often complete the artwork sooner depending on diary and commitments).


On completion of artwork a screenshot will be send to you directly to ensure your happy, minor edits can be made, and you can review your background colour choice.  Final payment is then due, there are no refunds. We take payment securely by PayPal or credit card.  Your artwork will be posted out and you can look forward to it being delivered securely to your doorstep.

Please refer to our testimonials and gallery for examples of existing commissions. We have many happy customers!

Tell us a little more about your original artwork and gallery?

Our aim is to offer a more collective and unique portfolio of original artworks, we are planning to release a new collection of art very soon, which you will be able to purchase from us. Subscribe to our mailing list for notifications and private viewing dates on when the artwork will be released.  Nothing beats the feeling of owning your own bespoke piece of art.  It will be unique to your home and you can admire every subtle and expressive mark, the qualities and tactility that an original art piece offers.  All Wilson Design Collective artwork are created with a mixture of mediums, such as collage, gouache, paint, ink and pen.  Your beautiful piece of art will be signed, titled and complimented with a bespoke frame to enhance the look and feel of the artwork.

Why buy our artwork?

We design artwork that is unique and different.  When you invest in our artwork, you will receive a piece of art that has been lovingly created. Even if you choose the smallest of our prints, or one of the largest, it will have a huge positive impact upon your space and interior room. Wall art can change the look and feel of a room without going to the expense of re-decorating. Wilson Design Collective embraces colour and pattern and wants you to embrace it too.  Invest in our artwork and enjoy a life time of happiness with it on your walls!

Investing in any of our collections, mix and match the sizes and designs and it will a feast for your wall. Unlimited creative combinations of all our collections gives you unlimited possibilities to enhance your home with beautiful on trend artwork.

If you would like to stock our work?

If you are a stockist and own a shop, or outlet and like what you see, then we would certainly love to hear from you, please simply send us an e-mail. Equally if you are a collector or interior designer and again want to contact about buying any of our original artworks or working with us on a project or collaboration. Please email us at

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