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Otter 'Otterly Adorable' 10" x 8" Contemporary Print

Our adorable riverside resident the otter is always seen at the waters edge, admiring his own reflection. This playful creature is captured using layers of different collaged pieces of handmade papers, with paint and pen work. The words used within the artwork are facts about this gorgeous creature. The use of these fascinating facts help giving this artwork much more depth and meaning. Take a closer peak.

Otter 'Otterly Adorable' 10" x 8" Contemporary Print

SKU: FF115
  • Sizing

    10 x 8 inch print to fit 10 x 8 inch frame.

    We have intentionally designed this print to have a framed black border, that is positioned to frame the subject matter so as a result, there is no need to purchase a mount. 



    This open edition print is printed onto a satin matt archival 230gsm paper, which is coated with a fine stippled finish, which gives a very natural photographic result with subtle colour.

     Keep out of sunlight.



    Frame not included. 


    Watercolour logo mark

    A watercolour mark of our logo has been put through the images that you see here on our website, please be reassured that the watermark is not evident on your prints, the watermark logo is purely added across our website images for copyright and protection purposes only.

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